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Markets Served

We serve your market!


ELECTRONICS D&H Global's roots are planted firmly in the electronics industry. Together with sister company Electro-Connect, we've been supporting the electronics market for over 20 years. Design, prototyping, embedded solutions, and even manufacturing.


MEDICAL Years spent serving the medical industry has given our team the right mix of knowledge and experience, that is ready to be applied to your project. We've developed turnkey diagnostic and patient treatment equipment for hospitals and OEMs alike. Our COMs and microcontrollers can be used right now in your existing products. Our Engineering expertise can be used to support your current development projects.


AUTOMOTIVE As the technology in our vehicles continues to advance, the needs of the automotive industry does the same. D&H Global is poised to support those needs. Our energy efficient products allow the vehicle's systems to operate at peak efficiency. Our exacting quality standards ensure that our products help to stretch every mile.


MILITARY & AEROSPACE Every industry presents it's own challenges that we must be prepared to meet. Military and Aerospace is certainly no different and D&H Global understands what it takes. We've been trusted by NASA with products for the space station, and you can count on us as well.



INDUSTRIAL CONTROL & AUTOMATION If there is one area where D&H Global products excel, it is here. You're equipment needs to operate with unfailing reliability. We can help. Use Rockhopper to run your equipment. Use OBee to provide communications between lines. Allow our Engineering team to work with yours, to develop custom products for your custom requirements.